Artist Conversations: Alex Kate, Singer-songwriter

For singer-songwriter Alex Kate, contracting the deadly coronavirus turned out to be a blessing in disguise...

Welcome to another episode of Artist Conversations. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist and learn about them and their craft. Today we’re very excited to have with us London-based Singer-songwriter, Alex Kate!

In this interview, Alex shares about how contracting covid-19 pushed her into taking that leap of faith to pursue her dreams as singer-songwriter. As someone who’s left a stable job in fintech and “thrown all caution to the wind” to be a freelance artist, she shares words of advice for other artists struggling with the choice between practicality and passion.

“Time is so short and we need to just go for the dreams that you think about last at night.”

On the creative process

When writing music, Alex explains, you need not force yourself to sit and write for hours on end. It’s important to give yourself space, because “a lot of (the inspiration) is just ruminating in the brain – it’s only when you allow yourself to live – and you’re not just struggling and straining” that the music comes to you.

She shares some advice from a fellow musician and good friend, Roo Panes:

“As soon as you accept yourself as a writer, you don’t think ‘I’m going to sit down at my desk and put in 8 hours… actually you just live, and a lot the creativity happens in the subconscious.”

On the writers’ block

Addressing a problem that every writer and artist faces at one point or another, Alex shares a helpful approach:

“Just put down the guitar, put down the pen… go for a walk, and try to connect to your heart. If the song doesn’t come out, just relax, you never know - it might be there waiting and ready for when you’re at one with yourself, and it will come.”

On her upcoming track, ‘Strangers’

Heart-felt and raw, 'Strangers' deals with the pain of having a lover become a stranger over night. This track will be released at the end of this month. 

In the mean time, check out more of Alex's music here, or listen to her latest accoustic version of her single, 'Love Drug'.


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