Artist Conversations: Ellie Walker, Illustrator & Designer

Welcome to another podcast of 'Artist Conversations'. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist to learn all about their stories and their craft. Today, we have with us all the way from Oxford, Ellie Walker. 

Ellie is an illustrator and graphic designer whose designs celebrate the interconnections between food, lifestyle and poetry; her style is organic, optimistic and full of vitality.

I first met Ellie at Edinburgh University where she studied illustration at the College of Art, and later went on to complete her MA in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Ellie Walker Illustration

In this interview, Ellie shares about how poetry inspires her drawings, and the creative process through which the literary is adapted into the visual medium. She also discusses the relationship between faith and beauty, and how her Christian faith along with her various cultural experiences have shaped her approach towards her craft.  

Ellie Walker Illustrator

Check out more of Ellie Walker's illustrations on her website or her instagram.


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