Artist Conversations: Ninke Overbeek, on dramaturgy & theatre writing

Welcome to another episode of Artist Conversations; each week we get up close and personal with an artist to learn all about their stories and their craft.

This week we’re so lucky to have with us all the way from the Netherlands, Ninke Overbeek! Ninke is a writer and dramaturg whose written works have been staged at various theatres around the Netherlands including at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. She also lectures on Creative Writing and has published a book on perspective in writing.

In this interview, Ninke takes us behind the scenes to explore how sound effects and ambient noises are created in audio-drama pieces, and discusses the different writing techniques required when writing for the stage and for the page.

Ninke also shares about how art might be a tool that gives voice to marginalised communities, and some of the considerations necessary for presenting these voices in a faithful manner without speaking over them. She reflects on narrating the stories of women and of immigrants seeking refuge in her home-country.

ninke overbeek

Ninke in conversation with Abdel Rhman, business owner, scholar in social studies, former journalist, activist.

“Yes, every person should be him or herself. [...] But that doesn’t mean it’s always important to be like yourself. Sometimes you will be yourself and sometimes we will be together, and sometimes we will be us and sometimes we are the big We.” – Abdel Rhman

ninke overbeek Ninke's story-writing work at a community house with students, refugees and start-ups

Credits: The actors who read for Ninke in this interview are Gerty van de Perre and Patrick Mathurin.  The actors who read for JOAN are Anna Schoen, Ellen Goemans and Esther van Steenis.


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