Artist Conversations: Decode- DJ & Music Producer

"Music is a language, and the job of a DJ is to decode that language for people" - Decode

Welcome to another episode of Artist Conversations. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist and learn about them and their craft. Today we’re very excited to have with us all the way from India, Decode!

Having grown up in Bangalore, the pub capital of India, Raul began his music career playing rock music in a pub, before he later ventured into electronic and dance floor tunes.

Decode has performed at various parties and raves, and has also released a single with American label, Duex Mind.  

In this interview, Decode gives us an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek into a piece he is producing at the moment- he shows us how he makes his music and shares about his journey as a DJ, his personal philosophy around his music, and how music can be a kind of language of its own, to communicate meanings that are beyond words (hence the inspiration behind the name ‘Decode’). 

DJ Decode

Check out Decode's music here.


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