Artist Conversations: Deeksha & Ritika Bajaj - Film, TV & Media Content Producers

“Everything you do has a story; The universe is made of stories.” - Deeksha & Ritika Bajaj, The Indian Storytellers


The Bajaj sisters are co-directors of the production company, Indian Storytellers. Together, they write, shoot & create anything Films, Television and digital media. They have worked with clients such as TLC, MTV and Nickelodeon.
In this interview, the Bajaj sisters share how they & their team bring these stories to life. They share their techniques for producing quality films, and why there is never a dull day in their line of work.

“All our projects are exciting. If the project doesn’t excite us, we don’t do it”

This interview is a very special one as it has been produced by the Bajaj sisters themselves.


Behind the scenes:

Indian Storytellers


Here are some of Indian Storytellers' projects:

Devi Indian Storytellers

Indian Storytellers


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