Art for Good: Amos Manlangit on Disability & Inclusive Arts

Welcome to another podcast in our Artist Conversations series. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist to hear all about their story. Today we're lucky to have with us all the way from the Philippines, Amos Manlangit!

Amos is an artist and educator who has engaged extensively in developing creative programmes for those with special needs. He has advocated for disability rights, and has been a part of the Art for Good Fellowship, that works towards social change through the arts. He has also worked alongside the British Council to promote inclusive arts initiatives around Asia, and is currently lecturing in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.

In this interview, Amos discusses how empowering art can be for the artist, especially during a stressful time of a global pandemic. He also shares about how the creative engagement can help these artists negotiate their thoughts and feelings towards these strange circumstances. 

 Here are some drawings created by artists of diverse abilities to express their thoughts towards this new normal:

Inclusive Arts Initiative

Amos also shares his hopes for building a more inclusive society:

"We want to see a more inclusive society; we want to see everyone sharing the same space... It may be a long process, it may only be accomplished beyond my life time, but at least I get to help one artist with disability develop their talent, making their family proud, and that is enough to make a difference.

One artwork at a time... we will get there." 

inclusive arts initiative

Artists with diverse abilities exhibit their work at the Inclusive Art Virtual Exhibit 
“The virtual exhibition showcases that these artists with special talents are contributors to the art of this period of history. It is an opportunity for them to feel included – that their talents have a place in society.”   - Amos Manlangit                                               

Upcoming Inclusive Arts Events:


1) 29th Aug, 1730-1830 (GMT+8), Virtual Inclusive Art Exhibit & Online Forum on Arts & Disability 

Host: Aestheletic
Zoom Link:
Zoom Meeting ID: 984 1115 8916
Passcode: inclusive

art and disability inclusive arts


 2) 5 Sep, 1000-1100 (GMT +8)

Host: Art Ventures and Advocacy Network (ArtVan)
Meeting details to follow as soon as they are available.

3) 30 Nov, 1900-2000 (GMT +8)
Host: The Rotary Club of Quezon City
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 623 554 2214
Passcode: RCQC


Please check out The Inclusive Arts Initiative & more inspiring work by Amos Manlangit

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