Artist Conversations: Ben Britworth- Writer, Filmmaker & Designer

Welcome to another episode of Artist Conversations. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist and learn all about their stories and the work they do. Today we’re very excited to have with us Benjamin Britworth.

Ben is a London-based award-winning writer, filmmaker and designer whose work has been commissioned by the JISC. His short films have been shown at festivals around the UK, and his stories have been shortlisted and longlisted for competitions, as well as published in anthologies. Ben has trained as a fine artist and worked as graphic designer for several years, producing various design, craft and installation pieces.

In this interview, Ben gives us a live demonstration of how his designs are produced, and even a sneak-peak into the tools and techniques of film-making & film-editing. He also grants us insights into narrative strategies that challenge, discomfort and and confront readers. He shares about why he's pinned up every rejection letter he's ever received, and about how his experiences as actor, filmmaker, writer and designer have intermingled to lend unique perspectives to his craft. 

Ben also discusses narrative strategies that deliberately challenge and sometimes discomfort readers by putting them in positions to question their own ways of seeing. He also touches on the outsider art movement, as well as interrogates the divide between craft and art. 

Join us for this incredibly discussion here:

Write Me a Song Face Ben Britworth

Write Me A Song, Directed by Benjamin Britworth

Benjamin Britworth

 For more of Benjamin Britworth's work, please visit his website.


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