Artist Conversations: Christy Ringrose, Singer-Songwriter & Painter

Welcome to another podcast of Artist Conversations. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist and learn about them and their craft. 

This week, we speak to Christy, who is a Scottish-Norwegian singer-songwriter and visual artist who grew up in Norway and now lives in Edinburgh. Her songwriting is quirky yet thoughtful, and her style echoes folk music, jazz and pop. Her first solo album ‘Dancing Without Space’ (2019) explores a young woman´s wonder and discoveries about the world.

Christy Ringrose Scottish-Norwegian Singer-Songwriter

I first met Christy at Edinburgh University where we read English Literature together. She’s always been a warm, open and fun-loving personality, and I remember our adventures to the theatres and the great outdoors –she has always been a creative and dynamic spirit, and I always feel that authentic character of hers coming through whenever I listen to her music.

In this interview, Christy shares about her journey as an artist and how she overcame various obstacles along the way. She reflects on the role of music in society –how it brings people together, connects us all and helps us to appreciate our common humanity. She discusses the relationship between faith and art, and how art has the power to communicate truths and shape societal values. We talk about how the music industry might move past the media’s focus on sensuous beauty and towards a more enduring beauty. Finally, Christy gives us a live preview of a song she’s producing now that addresses how our society’s obsession with productivity has now been overturned by the forced stillness imposed by this Covid-19 lockdown.   

Christy Ringrose Scottish-Norwegian Singer-Songwriter

Christy Ringrose Scottish-Norwegian Singer-Songwriter

For more of Christy's work, please check out her website, her instagram, and her facebook page.


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