Artist Conversations: Monelise- Musician & Audio-Visual Artist

Today we're very lucky to have with us all the way from London, Maria Kheyfets a.k.a. Monelise.  

I first met Maria at Edinburgh University where we studied English Literature together. She was always the most brilliant of us all –she topped our cohort in our first year, and later graduated with first class honours. Afterwards, she completed a Masters in Music in London before setting up her own music company, Monelise Music, where she now composes and performs her own music and presents it through a unique audio-visual lens.

She recently performed her Music & Audio-visual show, Hauntology at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and received a 5-star review. In this interview, Monelise shares with us about how she brings together her love for historical narratives, literature and music, and about her very exciting upcoming single! 

Monelise sings and plays on the theremin here in her music video, 'Now I See'.

Her new single, Clockwork heart, will be released on 8th Oct. Pre-save it here.

Monelise Maria Kheyfets

Listen to more of Monelise' music on her website/ Spotify / itunes, or follow her on instagram.


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