Fashioning an Inclusive World Through Art

At Aestheletic, we have always believed that fine art is for everyone - that is why we strive to transform the oil paintings from our gallery into streetwear, to make them accessible to all.

In this #InclusiveFashion project, we have worked alongside 11 wonderful differently abled artists from Boundless Possibilities Foundation (Philippines) to transform their artwork into apparel. 100% of the profits have gone to the artists. It has been a true honour and privilege to meet these beautiful souls! 

Here is the feature video for Boundless Possibilities artists from the Philippines:

Here's the feature video for Cad Factory in Australia:

"I am so proud and happy to see our artworks on your shirts and hoodies. Though I am an artist with special needs, I can contribute something useful and beautiful to humanity. Thank you Aestheletic for promoting inclusivity...Thank you Aestheletic for taking the first step in treating our artists with special needs as part of society. Our hope for the future is that they will be fully intrgrated and treated as regular artists and compensated as such - thank you for recognising their talents." - Rupert Valera and mother.

"Art makes me feel calm, focussed and relaxed. Art helped me understand what was going on around me... Thank you Aestheletic for supporting special needs artists and for giving them the opportunity to wear their artworks proudly." - Lorenzo Burkley and mother