MG Kumar


MG Kumar, ‘Balance’, 2023,
Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 48 in

MG Kumar created this masterpiece as an impression of Singapore's sustainability efforts, he used some specific colours to represent different aspects of sustainability.

White colours represent the concept of clean energy and the countrys efforts to move towards renewable energy source.

Blue represent Singapore's commitment to protecting the environment, especially its water resources. Our country has invested heavily in water treatment technologies, and blue represent the clean, purified water that the country produces.

Green represent Singapore's efforts to promote green spaces and biodiversity. We have many parks and nature reserves, and green here represent the lush vegetation that Singapore has worked to preserve.

Yellow is the idea of sustainable transport, such as cycling, walking, and public transport. Our country has made efforts to promote these forms of transportation and yellow represents the clean and efficient modes of transport that the country is moving towards.

Overall, MG Kumar wanted to use these specific colours and straight interconnected strokes in his artwork to represent Singapore's sustainability efforts. Using his creative and inspiring way to showcase the country's commitment to a sustainable future.

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