Artist Conversations: Mandy Tie - Editor & Illustrator

Welcome back to another podcast of Artist Conversations, where we get up-close and personal with artists to learn about their stories and their craft.

In today's podcast, we’re very lucky to have with us Mandy Tie who's currently Commissioning Editor at Culture Trip, Shanghai. Mandy has also had experience as digital editor, visual designer and illustrator. Mandy Tie Shanghai Culture Trip

I first met Mandy at Edinburgh University where she completed her undergrad in Art History, before going on to complete an MA in Cultural Heritage in University College London. In all our years of friendship, I’ve always known Mandy to be a fun-loving, genuine soul—and most importantly, someone who is loyal and caring towards her friends. I think a lot of that personality comes through in her art: they strike me as warm, open and always brimming with a love of life.

In this interview, Mandy shares with us about the work she does as commissioning editor, and about the various experiences she’s had which have shaped who she is as an artist today. She opens up about the complex confluence of her various cultural identities, and how that has influenced her approach towards her craft. She also discusses how her literary and visual mediums interact and mutually influence each other.

Mandy Tie Editor Shanghai Culture Trip"Little Red Book" by Mandy Tie

Mandy Tie Shanghai Culture Trip

"Mother" by Mandy Tie

Check out more of Mandy's work here.


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