Artist Conversations: Helga Pavelkova - Illustrator

Welcome back to another episode of ‘Artist Conversations’. Each week, we get up close and personal with an artist to learn all about their story and about their craft. Today we’re delighted to have with us all the way from Slovakia, Helga Pavelkova!

Having obtained her MA in Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art, Helga now lives in her native Slovakia where she's completing her post-graduate studies in Illustration whilst being a free lance illustrator and art teacher.

In this interview, Helga talks about her fascination with people and their stories, and how they inspire her illustrations. She also discusses about negotiating the different illustration traditions of Britain and Slovakia, as well as talks us through her creative process from concept to the craft. Check out some behind-the-scenes images of how her beautiful illustrations are created:

Helga Pavelkova Illustration

Helga Pavelkova Illustration

Check out more of Helga's beautiful illustrations on her instagram page.


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